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The CortexDB is available for different operating systems in different license models. Unlike the licensed version (chargeable for commercial use), the free version is subject to a few limitations.

CortexDB (free version)

The free version of the CortexPlatform (and thus also the CortexDB) corresponds functionally to the licensed version. The following table shows the differences between the different versions:

Function Free Version Licensed Version public Cloud Version
User number 2 depending on license depending on license
User properties not changeable changeable changeable
User passwords not changeable changeable changeable
Operating life must be updated
each year
depending on license depending on license
Operating systems Mac OS, Windows
(scheduled Debian Linux)
diverse is operated in a Linux environment

Quick Start

The implementation of the CortexDBfree requires a program packet of all associated (and in the same version) program files and libraries. These are currently available for Windows systems and Mac OS for download.

  1. Download the packets that are relevant to you (for example, an empty database and/or a sample database)
  2. Unpack the packets in the directories where you want to run the database server
  3. If necessary, adjust the language settings for the CortexUniplex application (see below).
  4. Start the ctxdbfree program (on Windows as exe-file, on Mac OS as app-file)
  5. Start a browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome or similar in the latest version)
  6. Go to the URL [http: // localhost: 8080] (http: // localhost: 8080)
  7. Enter the user name admin or user in the login. The password is also admin or user

After completing the above steps, you should be in the main screen of the CortexUniplex application.

Note for Mac OS

Through various security settings in Mac OS files are downloaded from the Internet by default with the attribute Quarantine.This prevents an immediate execution of the application and that this application's ability to launch other applications (thus the ctxdbfree.app can not start the ctxserver64 and the ctxhttpd64). In this case, you must remove the ctxdbfree.app from the quarantine.

Change to the directory with the ctxdbfree.app application and execute the following command:

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine ctxdbfree.app/

Language configuration

The standard application CortexUniplex is designed for a quick and easy start. This is available in several languages, so that users of different languages can access the same database.

For the general language setting an adjustment in the ctxserver.ini is necessary. In the configuration block [HTTPDSRV] the DefaultUrl has to be modified. If the default language is not German, a language key must be inserted after the term UniPlex. The following examples shows the setting for the conversion to the English client.


This also applies to the virtual hosts in the ctxhttpd.ini:



Languages for the free version

Currently, only the German and English clients are included in the free version.